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We are the complete family practice because we welcome children. Our goal is to develop a strong partnership with each of our little  patients. It is important to us that you understand the importance of your child 's dental health.  Dr Sabitha Sundaresh has proven over and over again to be gentle with our little patients and has worked closely with parents to over come the anxiety and fear of the little ones about their dental visit. We want to work closely with you to obtain optimum dental health and beauty for your child!
We like to make the kids' visit to the dentist fun and start them on the right road to lifetime dental health. We also want to treat the cause of any problems your child may have, rather than just treat the symptoms. That way, your child will be on his or her way to a lifetime of trouble-free teeth and gums. 90% of our patients under 21 years old have no decay in their permanent teeth due to the very effective preventive techniques, such as fluorides and sealants. Call anytime and arrange a "happy visit" for your toddler so they can get used to the dental environment in preparation for any actual dental treatment.

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